Commercial Lifestyle Photography - Desert Road Trip - Re-licensing & Stock avaialbilty.

We recently put together a desert road trip - lifestyle photo story that is available as stock photography and re-licensing.  We cast a group of young, cool, twenty year olds, (going for the youth culture, fun road trip-y feel) headed out to the desert just outside of Los Angeles and spent the day shooting.  It's crazy how you don't have to go that far outside of LA to get a completely different landscape.  This is the reason I live here in Los Angeles, you can't beat the locations it has to offer a lifestyle advertising photographer.  For styling we kept if very natural and real, combining wardrobe pulled from our stylist with the clothing from the actual talents closets.  I always thinks that makes for much more believable lifestyle photography.

These images and more are available for re-licencing and stock through Getty images (HERE) you can also see more of my Lifestyle Advertising Photography here.

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